Please note: many of these recipes were adapted from the following sites: Vegan Richa and Oh She Glows.

Menus listed by month with most recent on top.

Current year, 2023

January 2023 (Colorful, Healthy Lunch)

Previous Years

January 2020 (Old Favorites with a Healthy Twist)

January 2019 (Chili with a Southern Flare)

January 2018 (Egyptian Cuisine)

January 2017 (Snack Food)

We don’t encourage snacking between meals, but sometimes it’s nice to have “snack food” for a light supper. Try these heart healthy “snack like” foods for a light evening meal.

February 2020 (An “Updone” Menu)

Warning: This menu is not for the faint-hearted cook. See some of our ideas below if you like quick and easy. This menu is amazing but will require some planning ahead.

February 2019 (Stroganoff over Pasta)

February 2018 (Italian Theme)

February 2017 (Indian Food)

February 2016 (Pita Sandwiches, soup and cookies)

March 2019 (Indian Cuisine, again!)

March 2018 (Irish Theme, again!)

March 2017 (Irish Theme)

March 2016 (Hearty Breakfast Ideas)

April 2019 (Lunch Box)

April 2018 (Korean Food)

April 2017 (All about Kale)

April 2016 (Stir Fry with Salads)

May 2019 (Taco Night)

May 2018 (Sandwich and Burger Theme)

May 2017 (Mother’s Day Brunch)

May 2016 (Mexican)

August 2019 (Southern Summer)

August 2018 (Summer Salads)

August 2016 (Picnic)

September 2022 (Simple Veggie Supper)

September 2019 (Barbecue Sandwiches)

September 2018 (Breakfast Extravaganza)

September 2017 (Mediterranean Theme)

September 2016 (Meatless BBQ)

October 2022 (Warm Soup and Frittata for a crispy fall evening)

October 2019 (All about Pumpkin)

October 2018 (Fall Curry)

October 2017 (Chili and Cornbread)

October 2016 (Lunch Box Ideas)

November 2022 (Thanksgiving Holiday Fiesta)

November 2019 (Soup and Fries)

November 2018 (Heavy Hors d’oeuvre)

November 2017 (Heavy Hors d’oeuvre)

November 2016 (Holiday Menu)

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