1. Pita Bread (Toufayan Wheat Whole Pitas (Walmart) or Clark’s Pitas (have to order 423-949- 4333)
  2. Diced/sliced or shredded veggies of choice (examples below)
  3. Shredded lettuce
  4. Sliced olives
  5. Diced tomatoes
  6. Diced cucumbers
  7. Shredded carrots
  8. Sprouts
  9. Diced avocado
  10. ¼ cup Hummus (no oil or low oil)
  11. Drizzle of tofu sour cream


1. Cut pita bread in half
2. Carefully slice open half and fill with ¼ cup hummus
3. Pack veggies into sandwich
4. Top with drizzle of tofu sour cream
5. Store in ziplock sandwich bag

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