Nacho Cheese Recipe

From Simple Vegan Blog Ingredients: 2 cups potatoes (diced large) 1 cup carrots (diced large) ½ + cup water 1/3 cup olive oil 2 tsp salt 1 Tbs lemon juice ½ cup nutritional yeast flakes ½ tsp onion powder ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp McKay's chicken-style seasoning (optional) dash of cayenne (optional) Directions: Cook… Continue reading Nacho Cheese Recipe

Pita Sandwiches

Ingredients: Pita Bread (Toufayan Wheat Whole Pitas (Walmart) or Clark’s Pitas (have to order 423-949- 4333) Diced/sliced or shredded veggies of choice (examples below) Shredded lettuce Sliced olives Diced tomatoes Diced cucumbers Shredded carrots Sprouts Diced avocado ¼ cup Hummus (no oil or low oil) Drizzle of tofu sour cream Directions: 1. Cut pita bread… Continue reading Pita Sandwiches

Apple Nachos

Thank you to Allyson Kramer for this delicious recipe! Ingredients: 3 crispy and slightly tart apples (honey crisp works the best) 1 tsp lemon juice 3 Tbs creamy natural peanut butter 1/4 cup sliced almonds 1/4 cup pecans 1/4 cup flaked unsweetened coconut 1/4 cup vegan carob chips Directions: Thinly slice apples Sprits apples with… Continue reading Apple Nachos