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Thursdays, Aug 27-Sept 17 @ 7 pm: Zoom Cooking School

Join us for an exciting cooking school by Rachel Detweiler and team. I know it will be a blessing to you but be warned: it’s not a cooking show, it’s hands-on and your participation is required for effective learning to take place! The classes will be held via Zoom, participation if free but registration is required.
Classes will run four consecutive Thursday evenings starting this Thursday, Aug 27th, 7pm. This cooking school is tailored to help you achieve healthy meal prepping for the week in a short amount of time. We will also be discussing tips and shortcuts for prepping food
Hope you will take time to benefit yourself, and anyone you cook for by attending!-) Register now at and click the link to register for the Cooking Classes. Further information will be emailed to you.

2021 Events

January 2021: Stop Smoking (Free)

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions… Are you ready to finally quit the habit? Join this 5 day+ plan to kickstart the year off to breathing free with better health! Sign up to live the life free from the habit of smoking that you have been wanting. 

Tuesdays, Jan-March 2021: Best Weigh (Free)

Learn the science behind weight loss and more importantly the motivation to put it into practice! Weekly programs for 10 weeks will help you lose and keep losing after the program is over. No diets, no fads, just education and motivation in a friendly group setting.