Virtual DWTD April 19 from 6pm-7pm.

Click this link to join our Virtual DWTD.

Tuesdays, Apr 20 – May 11, 2021: High Blood Pressure Program (Free)

Struggling with high blood pressure? Maybe you’ve tried diet, exercise, and medication but nothing seems to be working. Join Dr. Greg Steinke, co-author of “30 days to Natural Blood Pressure Control” and discover multiple helpful tips to keep blood pressure down. Learn about the the many high blood pressure culprits and how to modify them through simple lifestyle changes.

Tuesdays, Jun 8 – Jul 13, 2021: Grundy Diabetes Reversal Program (Free)

Grundy Reversing Diabetes Seminars (Grundy RDS) is a community-based education program that focuses on diabetes prevention and reversal. It was developed in Tennessee’s Grundy County by Stephen Wickham after learning that this county had the lowest health rankings in the State of Tennessee. It has been very successful in improving the health of Grundy County. Wickham has made the program available for others to use. Dr. Aysha Inankur, an endocrinologist, represents our local chapter of the program. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how to significantly improve and even reverse type 2 diabetes with simple lifestyle changes.

Tuesdays, Aug 17 – Oct 19: Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

With depression and anxiety on the rise, many of us our looking for a solution. Join Dr. Neil Nedley as he explores the many causes of and simple treatments for depression and anxiety. This program does have a fee associated with it (covers cost of materials). Scholarships are available.

Thursdays, May 6-27 and August 5-26: Cooking School

Join Rachel Detwieler on a culinary adventure. Learn how to cook plant based without breaking the watch or the budget. The cooking schools are free. But make sure to RSVP with the sign up button, above.